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May 30, 2010
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AeroBackgrounder for Vista,7 by komalo AeroBackgrounder for Vista,7 by komalo
AeroBackgrounder is a very simple application, designed to create a window with an aero interface to be used as a background for applications like Rain Meter, it is easy to use and can be used by skinners or by normal user

Mohamed Kamal


Virus Alert Issue: occurs because i use UPX compression, i won't use it in the next version, don't worry guys

Works On
Windows Vista 32/64 Bits
Windows Seven 32/64 Bits (Set Compatibility Mode to Vista)

- Options can be modified from Tray Menu with "on the fly apply"
- Ability to make several backgrounds
- "OnBottom" Option which allows you to set the background under all windows
- "Edit Mode": to move,size or remove the background
- "ShadowEffect": control whether to show shadow frame around the background
- "HideIcon": control whether to show the tray icon(so that you can put it easily with your project)
- CanMouseClick: control whether the background is clickable or not
- hardly uses CPU usage and Memory

How to use
Create New Background
1 - Click on tray menu and click (Create New Background)
2 - Enter a name THAT WAS NOT USED BEFORE for the background and click enter

Modify Or Remove a Background
- Click on tray menu and click (Enable/Disable "EditMode")
To Modify: Move and size the background like a normal window as you like
To Remove: Click the close button
- when you are done, click (Enable/Disable "EditMode") again to exit the edit mode

Change Log
- ability to make several backgrounds
- Tray Menu to modify through the tray icon
- "OnBottom", "EditMode", "ShadowEffect"and "CanMouseClick" option Options
- Memory cleaner

Credits :
LeZaar for the main idea: [link]
Nieswiety for: [link]
Allhopeislost for: [link]
JamesBrooks for: [link]
Petercui for : [link]

Source Code:[link]
Please, Link back if you used it in a project
Thank you all for your time :)
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Morzha Mar 15, 2011
Thank you so much!
When I run it it says Im not running vista....???
so sorry for very late in reply

run in comparability mode, i will fix this issue, it is just the detection of the os method, not a big thing
Is it possible to add an option to set it "on desktop"?
Like the "on bottom" option but in a way that it doesn't disappear when we hit the "show desktop" button.
so sorry for very late in reply

i will try to include it, but i don't think i will be able to prevent the windows from being minimized, but i will try anyway
kingsidorak Jan 12, 2011
it dont pop up as virus for me... and the options wont pop up for me
so sorry for very late in reply

it's false alert due to UPX compression, you can set an exception in your AV, and if u have some suspicions, you can see the source code in the description
chiwou Dec 5, 2010   Interface Designer
is it possible to hide the text in the backgrounds?
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